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Welcome to Art


Art 1 is an introductory course in the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.It is a wonderful year of growth atrexploration in Art! It is a project based studio art class that encourages and rewards student effort and the building of artistic techniques,skills and the students own imagination and creativity. During the year long course students will have experience in the following areas ( as well as others):

Layout, Composition, and Design                Color Theory                 Art Appreciation                                          Drawing and Shading                                     Painting                         Art Critiques                                                     Linear and Optical Perspective                     Printmaking                  Ceramic Sculpture

Grading: Students are graded on effort and on a point system. Points are earned for daily work done in class, clean up, completed sketchbook checks,written assignments, layouts and completed art projects. Points are lost for failing to work in class or clean up and cannot be made up.Two points are deducted each day a student does not work in class or forgets materials needed in class.

Due Dates: Students who are absent on the day a project is due must turn that project in on the day that they return. Students who miss several days must set a due date to turn in project, or they will receive zero points for the project. 

Monetary Costs: A $50 materials fee is due at the beginning of the year. This covers the cost of the 70 page sketchbook, paint palette and cover, quality acrylic paint brush, canvas board, paints, colored watercolor pencil set, ink pen, lino blocks , printer's ink and paper and other materials most of which the student will use and be able to take home. A lock for the art lockers is also required at the beginning of the school year. 

The following PowerPoint is a sampling of examples of the projects that we will do in Art 1.



Digital Imaging is an exciting Graphic Design class that will teach you how to create digital art in the form of video game characters, font designs, logo designs, YouTube video, magazine cover, and much more!  You will also learn Art concepts, such as composition, form, shape, line, value, color, and presentation, to help you become a successful Graphic Designer.   We use standard Apple iMac computers and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software, which are all industry standard technology.  Digital Imaging has no prerequisites, is available for grades 9 - 12, and intended for all skill levels.




Sculpting and Ceramics is an Art discipline that empowers you to create a three dimensional object with your hands, using clay, sculpting tools, and glazes.  We study Art concepts, such as form, shape, line, composition, positive/negative space, and color.  You will learn specific techniques to make mugs, clay pots, bowls, action figures, candle holders, vases, and much more!  Sculpting/Ceramics has no prerequisites, is available for grades 9 - 12, and intended for all skill levels.