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Physical Education


What Our Department is About...

Physical Education at Mission San Jose High School prides itself on a well-balanced curriculum, which will enhance our student's ability to grasp lifelong fitness concepts.  Students will learn how to set personal fitness goals, engage in team settings, personal responsibility, good sportsmanship, and understand healthy choices.



Physical Education 1

Physical Education 2

Club Fit (Elective)



1. Do we dress today?

Yes!  You will dress out in your PR clothes daily.


2.  Are we running today?

Yes!  Plan on running everyday


3.  I'm not physically able to perform today, what do I do?

You will provide an excusal note from your parent/guardian before class begins.  Anything lasting longer than three days, you will need a doctor's note to excuse you.  Please include how long you will be out of P.E. for and what your limitations are, if applicable.


4.  Do I still need to dress if I have a medical/parent/guardian note excusing me from PE for the day?

Yes. Dress out for PE everyday!


5.  I have a game today, do I still need to do PE or the mile?

Yes.  You are expected to participate in class everyday.


6.  Do I have to do PE makeup if I was absent, excused, fieldtrip, testing, etc?

Yes.  You still have to make it up. Anytime that you miss a class, you have to make-up the class to receive zero points for the day.  No make-up=0 points for the day.


7.  How do I do PE make-up?

In general. make-ups are help on Thursday during Advisory.  Please see your teacher for more information.