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Class Participation


Class Participation is Essential to Learning!!!

In order to get full credit in your participation you need to:

  •  Be on time:
    • Students are expected to be in their seats when the bell rings.
      • If you are not through the door threshold when the bell rings, you will be marked tardy.
  • Come to class prepared: be ready to work.
  • Work on the classwork/task until completion before working on other classes’ assignments.
  • Asking/Answering questions and being part of the discussion.
  • Adhere to the class code of conduct:
    •  Students will conduct themselves in a manner that promotes learning not only for themselves, but others around them.  
      • Limit side conversations during instruction. 
        • Case-by-case instances will be addressed to the whole class and/or individuals. 
  • Respect the class as our biosphere:
    • We will be spending much of the year in our classroom environment and we should therefore do everything in our power to keep it clean.
      • This includes throwing away trash in their respective receptacles, Cleaning up any spills, Picking up trash if you see it, even if it is not yours, &  Putting class materials away after they have been used before the bell rings.
  • Cell phones are not permitted during class time and will be stored in the Cell Phone Holder at all times unless otherwise specified by the teacher.