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Registration, Enrollment, Transcript Requests & Education Verification

The legal residence of the pupil and parents is where the pupil/parents reside 5 school nights a week. In cases of joint custody or separation, the parent/guardian must declare a primary residence of the child and legal documentation may be required.

Proof of Residence: You need to provide four (4) documents to verify proof of residency.

*If Parent/Guardian owns the property in which they reside: You must provide the following:

  • Statement of Residency along with County Tax Bill in your name, showing residence property OR close of Escrow documents from the title company; and
  • A current PG&E bill or notification of service card from PG&E in your name showing residence address; and
  • Current water OR telephone bill OR Notification of service card with local phone number with address or owned property; and
  • One Other bill mailed to you at your residence address (Master card, Visa, hospital etc.)

*If Parent/Guardian rents the property in which they reside: You must provide the following:

  • Renters statement of residency, along with a copy of the receipt for your rental deposit and /or current payment with manager's name and telephone number; and
  • A current PG&E bill in your name or notification of service card from PG&E showing residence address, OR if such service is included in the rental payment, you must provide satisfactory evidence that it is so included; AND a current telephone or water bill for this address in lieu of PG&E or notification of service card; and
  • Current DMV vehicle registration showing residence property address; or
  • One other bill mailed to you at your residence address ( Master Card, Visa, hospital, etc.)

*If the student resides within the District attendance area but without his/her parent(s), the legal guardian(s) must provide the District with a legal court document showing proof of guardianship to be eligible for enrollment.

*Pursuant to Board policy, Affidavits of Residency and/or informal transfers of parental control will not be accepted.

*If a parent is residing with another family in the District and does not have proof of residence, the parent and party(s) with whom the parent is residing with must have a notarized statement or rental agreement and complete a Declaration of Residency. The property owner or renter must comply with whichever residency requirement applies. The District retains authorization to assign student to schools outside that attendance area where impacted enrollment exists.

FALSIFICATIONS will result in a $4,800 fine per school year and immediate dismissal from the school of attendance or immediate transfer to the attendance area school.

Proof of Immunizations: Documentation of child's immunization is required by law. Either a doctor's written statement or an official immunization record is necessary for registration. A 3 series Hepatitis B immunization is now required.

Withdrawal papers from previous school: (Report card, unofficial transcript, CTBS scores). If you are entering from another country the following academic documentation is required: official school transcript, bearing school seal and official signatures, in a sealed envelope.

Copy of Birth Certificate



Maria Bustamante, MSJHS-Registrar
Phone: (510) 657-3600 X37202
Fax (510) 657-2302