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Homework Policy

In accordance with Board Policy 6154, Mission San Jose High School has adopted the following Homework Plan.

  • Homework is defined as specific tasks assigned by teachers to be completed during non-school hours.  We believe homework can serve a good purpose when it:
  1. Provides needed practice.
  2. Enriches and extends school experiences.
  3. Helps prepare students to be active participants in the classroom.
  4. Prepares students for classroom assessments
  5. Is reasonable, appropriate and relevant.
  • 9th through 12th grade homework is based on the rigor of the students course schedule.  Average homework time will be within the district adopted standards of 70-120 minutes per evening, or 280-480 minutes per week. These minutes are based on time estimated for an average student working at an average pace.  Teachers will be mindful of assigning homework over the weekend, during breaks and vacations. Considerations are made for students with special needs.  AP classes will require additional minutes of homework.
  • Homework and quizzes will be reviewed and/or corrected and returned to students within 5-10 school days unless it is a major paper/project/test which then may be returned within 15 school days.
  • The Mission San Jose High School Homework Policy will be monitored, including gathering feedback from parents, staff and students, annually.  Monitoring will be the responsibility of the School Site Council.  In an effort to strengthen the educational link between home and school, teachers will communicate classroom homework plans at Back-to-School Night and on the MSJ website at under Policies.
  • During the school year, there will be occasions such as Back to School Night, STAR testing, and Open House when teachers will recognize that nightly assignments should reflect the circumstances and time constraints of the event.
  • Students shall be given the opportunity to make up school work missed because of an excused absence and shall receive full credit if the work is turned in according to a reasonable and agreed upon make-up schedule.  In general, excused absences per Education Code 48205 will be allowed the same number of days as absences to complete homework.  
  • Teachers will be mindful of the regular testing schedule for Tuesday through Friday according to the department rotation.

Mission San Jose High School along with the Board of Education supports the development of lifelong readers.  In accordance with State content standards, the following are recommended guidelines in addition to regular school reading:

  • By grade 4, read one-half million words annually.
  • By grade 8, read one million words annually.
  • By grade 12, read two million words annually.