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Visiting the Library

Students may use the library to find information, use computers, and to check out books. Students must use hand sanitizer upon entering the library. Eating or drinking is not allowed. 

The library has a black & white printer students may use only for printing assignments that will be turned in for a grade. This printer is not guaranteed to always be available as we do not have a back-up if it breaks down. Please plan ahead and do not wait until the day something is due to print it out.

When coming to the library during class time, students must have a pass and check in with a librarian.

Library Hours

Regular Days: 8:15 - 4:00                                              Minimum Days: 8:15 - 2:00

The Library will close at 1:30 one day each month for district library staff meetings. The dates for the 22/23 school year are: 9/22, 10/20, 11/17, 12/14, 1/19. 2/16, 3/16. 4/20, and 5/17.

Other closures are rare but might happen in cases such as testing, emergency use of the space, etc. Signs announcing closures or changes in the library schedule will placed on the front door.


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Julie Boyer, Teacher Librarian                        research and instruction 

Sandeep Kaur, Library Media Tech                    books and circulation        

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Gale Environmental Studies

Gale Interactive Science

ProQuest databases

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EBSCO databases

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Points of View Reference Center

History Reference Center

Literary Reference Center

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