Speech 1/27/10 to School Board

Posted by Lisa (Elisabeth) H. Braley at 1/17/2010 11:00:00 AM

My speech: My name is Lisa Braley.  I am an ambassador for the English language, American Culture, and the Fremont community at Fremont Adult School.  I am an ESL teacher teaching another group of important students who are not kids.


Every day, I and my colleagues witness incredibly personal revolutions in our students as we prepare them for their continued growth and future success in this community as residents, citizens and voters.


Students and teachers all work hard to make PAID benchmarks.  We often do this in rooms that are completely full to capacity, occasionally beyond the legal limit, and with students who are now PAYING to be there.


Sometimes new immigrants come here with nothing, not even a word of English, and sometimes they come with an advanced degree they cant use. They all have a struggle ahead, but those that come to the Adult School can count on starting their life here in a positive and productive way.


Our students have sent you many letters of appeal that we have passed on to you.


There you can read about people like Bhajan, who was a farmer in India and came here with his family almost 5 years ago. He didnt know how to read, write or speak English.  I had his son in my class 4 years ago and now Jaspreet is an Engineering student at San Jose State. Bhajans wife is supporting them right now because he was laid off.


Or you can find out about Jaime from Mexico, who had studied as a Dental Surgeon but now works in a kitchen. 


And there are many more stories that will break your heart. Please do not further reduce our program.  The cost will be very high to all of us.
In the future, you should know that there is a live link to school board meetings that you can access and watch.
This is the link to the District Office.  Go to Board of Ed menu item and you can find  more information about board meetings.