August 10, 2010




Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:


I want to welcome all new and returning students and their families to the Fremont Unified School district’s alternative program. The staffs from Robertson High School, Vista, Course, and the Opportunity Program are committed to providing a quality academic program in a safe and orderly environment. We will start the school year with a continued commitment to help students be successful and communicating progress with parents.  Our teachers have collaborated and planned exciting units that will challenge and meet the needs of all our students.  


The first day of school is Wednesday, August 31, 2011.  It is extremely important to understand that their continuing enrollment at Vista will depend upon students maintaining good attendance, a satisfactory level of achievement, and a good attitude.


Please be aware of policies that may affect your student’s enrollment.  By FUSD Board Policy, any student failing to attend school/or notify school of absences, within the first 3 days of school may and will be dropped (see attached policy).  If your student is dropped and the program is full, your son/daughter will be put on a waiting list and will have to wait for an opening to be reenrolled.  It is very important to have your son/daughter attend school beginning August 31, 2011.  There is also a new “truancy policy” adopted by the City of Fremont in which the parents of truant students may be cited/fined for their non-attendance.


The first newsletter of the year is intended to provide returning students and their parents with important information and forms to begin the year as smoothly as possible.  Additional information and the Student Handbook will be given to students by the staff during the first week of school.  Please review the student handbook and other information with your child by the first week of school.  It is imperative that all communication is accurate; this will assist students in the success of their education.


I hope summer has been a relaxing and enjoyable time for all of you, and that each student will bring renewed enthusiasm and a commitment to making the 2011-2012 school year one of accomplishment and production.  Our staff is eager and dedicated to helping every student succeed and we appreciate the opportunity to work with them.  Together, we make a difference.





Salvador Herrera, Jr.




There is a new California law requiring students to get a booster shot of pertussis (whooping cough).  Pertussis is a disease that causes a very bad cough that often lasts for months.

For the 2011-2012 school year, every student entering grades 7 through 12 must provide proof of a Tdap booster shot before the end of September.

The Tdap shot must be given on or after age 7 to meet this requirement

(See attachments for more information)






Our “Back to School” night will be held on Tuesday evening, August 30th, from 5:00 to7:00 p.m. Students will meet with their assigned teacher and receive their attendance schedule.  Students must turn in proof of their Tdap immunization and COMPLETED emergency card in order to receive their schedule.  Additional registration and signed forms should also be turned in to the office.




Food service is available at the lunch counter during the mid-morning break.  BREAKFAST IS ALSO AVAILABLE FROM 8:15 TO 8:40.  Breakfast is $2.25 and lunch $3.25.  A form was mailed during summer to all FUSD students from Child Nutrition Services. If you did not receive a form, it may be accessed through the FUSD web site at  If you have questions about eligibility, contact the Child Nutrition Office at 657-2587.  This program can be very helpful to families particularly in difficult times in the local economy.




In the event the campus needs to be “lockdown” for safety reasons, please remember that staff will not open doors during a lockdown and visitors will be allowed access to students only if the public safety incident commander determines that the site is secure.  Information regarding a lockdown will be posted on the FUSD web site at



Emergency Information on Website!

There is a new Emergency Information link on our Robertson website! This link will take you to a page on the District’s website where you can get the most up-to-date and accurate information on any emergencies within the District.  You will also find information on general safety and how to contact the police.  The safety of your children is our highest priority; we appreciate your cooperation and support.




Fremont Unified School District takes the risk of an earthquake seriously. In an effort to provide safe learning environments for all students and safe working environments for all staff, FUSD has become a leader in promoting seismic safety of our schools. 


Under the 2002 Health and Safety Bond, the District undertook a comprehensive, voluntary seismic retrofit project, which was dutifully monitored by a Citizen’s Oversight Committee.  All projects will close with Field Act certification by the Department of the State Architect (DSA).


FUSD will continue to take earthquake risk-reduction measures at each school to ensure the safety & protection of all students and staff.




Certain styles of clothing can be disruptive to a classroom environment and may be perceived by others to be personally offensive or threatening.  To prevent incidents from occurring, a reasonable dress code will be enforced for all students.  This will be reviewed with all students at the beginning of school.  Please review the enclosed behavior, dress and grooming code with your student, sign and return the form to school with your emergency card.




Pagers, cell phones and any other electronic device must be off during class time.  Please note the district cell phone policy as outlined on the “Student Rules” form you will be returning.




Students need to check in with their counselor to sign up for Adult school classes.




School bus fees are in effect for the 2011/12 school year.  Robertson does not sell bus tickets or passes at any time.  The Transportation Department has implemented an I.D. Card System for all students who ride the school bus.  Bus passes and photo I.D.’s are now available at the Transportation Department, 43770 S. Grimmer Blvd. Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30am – 4pm.  The cost is as follows:


                                          Annual Round Trip (One Year Pass) -$509.00

                                          Annual One Way  - $290.00

                                          Semester Round Trip (1/2 Year Pass) - $290.00

                                          Semester One Way - $163.00

                                          Tickets (20 One Way Rides) - $36.00 per book


AC Transit:

AC transit bus information can be obtained at  The #239 bus services Vista Alternative School. A 31-day ticket costs $20.00.




The handbook will be distributed on Back to School Night.



Washington Hospital has announced that they will continue to provide free medical services to our students the second Monday of each month from 9:30am – 12:30pm through their “Washington on Wheels” van. 




As you are probably aware, all students are now required to pass the state’s exit exam in order to graduate from high school.  The first testing opportunity this year will be on October 4th and 5th and is for eleventh grade students only.




Thanks to a continuing effort by F.U.S.D. and the City of Fremont, Vista High School will have the daily services of Officer Derek Burns who will be our School Resource Officer (S.R.O.).  We are committed to providing all students with a safe and orderly environment.  Officer Burns will be a great asset to our campus and we look forward to working with him.  Please remember that he is always available for our students and their parents/guardians.  He can be reached at 657-9155 x49108.




Students may register for a wide variety of ROP classes.   However, there are limited openings for these classes, which are held at other school sites.  Students may register for these classes in the Vista office beginning the week of August 22nd. ROP classes begin Wednesday, August 31st.




Possession and/or use of tobacco are against the law and will not be permitted on any area of the campus, including the parking lot.  This includes before and after school.  Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action.  We will make every attempt possible to assist our students to quit smoking.  In addition, minors caught smoking is subject to getting a ticket, which will result in a fine.  Students who smoke will be referred for smoking cessation or counseling services if they are interested.




Enclosed is a “compact” (pledge) for your review and signature.  Studies show that students whose parents are involved with the school tend to perform better.  We encourage our parents to get actively involved at Vista Alternative School.  If you are able to put in a few hours this year as a member of the School Site Council, the Bilingual Advisory Committee, please let us know on the Parent Survey form included with this newsletter. We can always use volunteer clerical help, also.




This is to notify you that the school must now annually notify parents that the school will forward a student’s educational record to other schools where the student seeks to enroll.  Schools will also now make a reasonable effort to notify a parent regarding a subpoena or court order, before the school discloses personally identifiable information.  All subpoenas are sent to the Superintendent’s office to be recorded and then rerouted to Pupil Services who will make all reasonable efforts to notify parents when a subpoena is issued.



We encourage parents or guardians to make a voluntary contribution to our student rewards program, if you are able to do so.  These funds are used exclusively to support our school prom and provide some funding for scholarships at graduation.  Sending a tax deductible check for a five, ten, or twenty-dollar donation (or more!) would go a long way toward helping support this program which is not supported by our school budget.  A receipt for your donation will gladly be furnished upon request.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


There is also an Emergency Preparedness Donation fund that you can contribute to in the amount of $4 that will be used for supplying all students and staff with ponchos (to protect from inclement weather) and Tarps/Poles/Ropes (to protect from heat exposure). Any unused monies will supply campuses with inverters (vehicle power converter) to be used for emergency power to charge radios, lights and some medical equipment.  Please return your donation of $4.00 to the school office.  Checks should be made payable to FUSD. 




When you attend the 8/30 Back to School night, please make sure you bring the following completed and signed forms:


1.            Proof of your student’s Tdap immunization if completed.

2.            A completed and signed emergency card (enclosed).

3.            A signed “Parent/Student/Educator Compact” form (enclosed).

4.            A signed “Student Rules/Dress Standards” form both sides (enclosed).

5.            A signed “Student Bullying and Harassment” (enclosed).

6.            A signed Student Consent for Release of Name, Address and Phone Number form.

7.            A “Parent Donor Club/Parent Survey” donation form (enclosed).

8.            A “Technology Agreement” and “Annual Notice” forms (enclosed).






Yes!  Count me in as a voluntary member of the Parent Donor Club.  All contributions go toward student rewards, recognition, and activities.  It is a goal this year to collect enough donations to be able to award scholarships to graduating seniors.  Enclosed is my donation.  (Please make your check payable to Vista Alternative School):


                   Your Name                                                         


                   Your Student’s Name                                         


Please mail or deliver to Vista Alternative School, 4455 Seneca Park Ave., Fremont, CA  94538






Please complete the following survey:


          I would be interested in attending an occasional evening parent meeting (List suggestions for topics:                                                                                                   )

          I would be interested in serving on the School Site Council (2 or 3 afternoon meetings).

          I will try my best to attend Back to School Night (  ).

          I may be able to assist the school staff with clerical tasks. (i.e. stuffing envelopes, assembling newsletters, etc.)                                                                      

          I have an employer that may be interested in “adopting” Vista High School to benefit our students (i.e. scholarships, job shadowing, mentoring, matching fund programs, etc).



          Parent Name                                               Student Name                                  



          Home, Work, or Cell Telephone #