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Sept. 16, 2016

Chuck Graves, Principal                               Shanthika Sukumar, Secretary                                     Rachel Cannon, Attendance Clerk

MSJE’s School Vision:    All students will be valued, encouraged, and challenged in a collaborative learning environment



Back to School Night

I would like to thank all of you who attended this week’s Back to School Night. It was great seeing everyone and making new connections. We had 92% of our families here. It is this support which is truly makes MSJE the pride of FUSD. I am very proud to be the principal here and will continue to work with you to provide the best possible learning environment for your child. As always, feel free to stop by if you have a concern or an idea to share.

Principal Graves

Character Trait of the Month:  Caring—Children learn to take care of (look out for, protect) people, possessions and the environment.  They show kindness, appreciation, empathy, and compassion.

Mark Your Calendars:

September 21      SSC Meeting 3:00 PM

October 4            6th Grade Science Camp Parent Night 6:00 PM 

October 7            Picture Day

October 31         Minimum Day

                          Grades 1 -3: 8:30 – 1:25

                          Grades 4-6:  8:20 -1:30

November 1-4   6th Grade Science Camp in Scotts Valley

November 9       Make up Picture Day

November 11     Veterans Day – No School

Donor Needed – Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang

A Former MSJE student and current 8th grader at Hopkins, Derek, is fighting leukemia and is seeking a bone marrow donor. You can help this young man by registering to be a bone marrow donor. (1-800- Marrow2)  Screening is easy, painless and convenient. A kit will be sent to you, mail it back with your sample, and in two months, you’ll be registered in the national database. If you are of Japanese and/or Chinese ethnicity between the age of 18-44 years, you have the best chance of being a match. Let’s see if we can help Derek and his family through this tough time. 

California English Language Development Test (CELDT) 2016/2017

The State of California mandates that the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) be given to students who speak another language when they first enter a California public school.  This test identifies students who are English learners (limited in English proficiency) so that schools may immediately provide appropriate instruction to meet their needs. The CELDT must also be given to all English learners every year to monitor their progress in learning English and to help evaluate the programs they receive.  The test has four parts:  Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.  For the 2016/2017 school year, Fremont Unified will be giving this test starting October 3 until October 31, 2016.  Additionally, we found some students who were never initially tested upon registration.  These students will also be tested during this time frame.  If you have any questions about the test, please call Federal and State Programs at (510) 659-2531.


Armed Forces Families

The state now requires districts to collect data on students whose parent/guardian is currently in the Armed Forces on active duty or serves full-time National Guard duty. If your child has a parent or guardian in the Armed Forces or National Guard, please contact the office to provide this information.​

Before School Procedures:

Intermediate students do not have a recess before the start of school day. Intermediate students will report directly to their class when the 8:15 bell rings.  1-3 students will play on the primary yard until the 8:30 bell. No parents are allowed onto the playground during this time. Please drop off your student at the Bryant Street gate or the office hallway. Playground supervision begins at 8:15. For your student’s safety, please do not drop off your students before 8:05.  If you must drop off your student before 8:05, extended day care is offered by Adventure Time. Please call them at 510-490-7874 for details.

Emergency/Disaster Forms:

If you have not yet returned the Emergency/Disaster Form that your child brought home the first day of school, please do so immediately.  MAKE SURE PHONE NUMBERS ARE ACCURATE!    This is our only link to you in an emergency.   Thank you.

Parking Lot and Bryant Street Drop Off/Pick Up:

The norm at MSJE for dropping off and picking up students is the following:

Cars will line up (close to the curb) on Bryant Street in an orderly fashion and proceed forward until they reach a volunteer, teacher, or safety patrol student.  Please keep backpacks in the car and not in the trunk as this is a safety concern due to the amount of traffic. Students are helped from their car and enter school through the gate on Bryant Street.   This works VERY SMOOTHLY if everyone is patient and follows the routine. The parking lot loop is for Kindergarten drop off only.  At no time may you use the lower parking lot by the multi-use room for dropping off students.  This lot is for emergency vehicles, staff parking and district delivery vehicles.  Using the ramp by the kindergarten yard and walking across the exit driveway and entrance is not allowed for your safety.

We need more parent volunteers during drop off and dismissal to help keep traffic moving.  If you have some time to spare, we will find a spot for you. All this is done for everyone’s safety.


Students who need to take medications during the school day MUST have a “Hold Harmless Letter” on file in the office.  This form letter is to be completed and signed by the parent and the physician.  It must be returned to the school with the medication.  Medication will be kept in the office and administered by the secretary or clerk.  At no time is a student to have any medication in his/her possession in the classroom, in the cafeteria, in a backpack, or on the playground.  This policy is strictly enforced for the safety of all students.  If you anticipate your child will need medication on a regular basis, obtain a copy of this form.  ALL medications are subject to this policy including over-the-counter products such as aspirin, cough drops, decongestants, etc.

Change of Address/Residency:

Please be reminded that it is the responsibility of parents under Board Policy 5111 to notify the school office within five (5) days if they move in or out of the attendance area.  Any move within the attendance area still requires four (4) new proofs of residency to verify the new address.  Failure to do so will result in revocation of the student’s placement at the school.

Reporting Student Absences:

Please remember to report your child’s absence before 9:00 a.m. if they are unable to attend school.  Call the school number, 656-1200, and follow the prompts.  Give your child’s name, grade, teacher’s name, date(s), and reason for absence.  Your child’s education is our top priority.  However, when a student is sick, bed rest at home is usually advised.  If your child has a fever, he/she must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Department of Child Nutrition--

Lunch is made available to all students, including Kindergarten students. Please check with the office for meal times. Kindergarten students are eligible to apply for the Free and Reduced Meal Program. Applications are available in the office, at the district office, or online at​. ​

After School Band


Join the After School Band program this year and learn how to play a band instrument. (Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion)

No experience is necessary. Classes meet once a week after school right here on campus. Registration is online.

Go to to register and for more information on the After School Band program.

Thank you!

A big thank you to Durba, Vrunda, Rebecca, Ambika, Zahra, Ayaan, Zahaan, Aarti and Usha for helping the office to put together the first day packets. Thank you

Parent Advisory Meeting

The Parent Advisory Meeting on Monday, September 19 will be an informal coffee with Superintendent Morris, Trustee Shao, and Trustee Crosbie at Suju’s Coffee, 3602 Thornton Ave.  Meetings are open to all. Meeting begins at 6:30 PM and runs to 8:00 PM.

FUSD is on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube!!

Stay up to date with all the news and happenings throughout the Fremont Unified School District. Visit and like FUSD's official Facebook page at Frémont Usd, follow the District on Twitter at @USDFremont, and subscribe for the latest videos on YouTube at Fremont Unified School District. Updated daily, FUSD's Social Media pages are the best resources for the latest information and photos from all 42 schools, District Departments - even news from around the Fremont community. 

From the District Office - Posting of Emergency Information

Reminder to families that information regarding Emergency situations around FUSD such as lockdowns will be posted on the District website at From the homepage under 'Quick Links,' or under the 'Resources & Contacts' tab, click 'Emergency Info.' Information will also be posted on the District Facebook page at Fremont Usd and Twitter page at @USDFremont. Individual schools will also contact families via their respective communication systems as soon as it is safe to do so.


The 12th Annual Fremont Education Foundation Fun Run is happening at Quarry Lakes Park!

It's time once again for the Annual Fremont Run 4 Education! As with every year, all funds raised from this fun event go directly to the Fremont Education Foundation Guy Emanuele Sports Fund!  The run start and Family Expo will be at Quarry Lakes Regional Park.  

Looking forward to seeing all of you out there this year!

The Funds raised supports:

High School:  individual student athlete grants to help offset the costs of equipment, sportswear, fees, shoes, etc.

Junior High:  $1000 for each junior high for after-school related sports

Elementary:  $250 per school for boys and girls basketball leagues.

Elementary School Challenge

Get your FUSD elementary school an easy grant while encouraging health and fitness in our youth! When you or your student register for the race just make sure to indicate which school you will be running/walking for.  The FUSD elementary school with the most participants in the run will win $500!

To register:

Rewired To Inspire Has an Exciting First Session

Intergenerational program brings together seniors and children Fremont, California 24th August 2016

A group of students from Mission San Jose and Irvington High School hosted the first session of Rewired to Inspire at the Fremont Main Library.

Seeking to restore a sense of community in our technologically saturated world, Rewired to Inspire aims to form rapports across generations and allow different age groups to tap into the otherwise unrealized wisdom from each other.

"Sustained effort of your team over one year will bring some amazing results. Rewired to Inspire facilitates face-to-face meetings and is absolutely necessary in [today’s technological world]," said Bhargav Mehta, a participant at their first session. At this session, participants from all generations enjoyed a few icebreakers and exciting rounds of Pictionary.

In the future, Rewired to Inspire hopes to have its senior members share their passions and interests with the younger generation. The first session was a resounding success, and subsequently Rewired to Inspire’s sessions will be held every third Friday of the month, starting September 16th.

For more information, visit or contact

Remember to read the Announcements and Headlines on the web page too.  Additional information is posted there as it comes up on a day to day basis. Check the Calendar for important events and dates. 

On behalf of all students,

Chuck Graves

510-656-1200 ext. 33103


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