Top 20 Job Skills and Good Employee Behaviors (Good Practice for Task 2 Content A.)
On this website you can find useful information about soft skills, the Soft Skills quiz, American workplace expectations, interview tips, examples of a job interview, the most common interview questions about soft skills with answers, good and bad body language, resume examples, cover letter examples, thank you notes examples, the organization of American companies, and forms of address.
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Soft Skills
Communicating at Work Fantastic Website! (The material presented includes audio, video, dialogs, games, and quizzes to help low-intermediate/advanced ESL students develop work-related "soft" skills.)
1. Getting Along at Work
Make Sure You Understand
Progress, Problems, and Suggestions
When You Can't Be At Work

2. Communicating on the Job
Courtesy in Person and on the Phone
When Customers Complain
Instructions and Directions
Rules and Warnings
Emailing on the Job
3. Work Culture
Why Do They Behave That Way?
Small Talk
Cultural Difficulties and Solutions
4. Doing Well at Work
How to Be a Valued Worker
Performance Reviews
Asking for a Raise or Promotion
Career Opportunities
GCFLearnFree.org- Excellent Website!!!
Workplace Basics
Microsoft Word (2000-2010 Versions)
Job Success
Workplace Communication
Literacy Link

Students will need to register and create an account. Once you are registered, you will have access to the Workplace Essential Skills section of the site. This site has activities for Employment Strategies, Communicating at Work, Reading at Work, and Math at Work. There are 24 units total for students to study with video and internet activities. The videos even come with text transcripts. After logging in, click on "Workplace Essential Skills."

Employment Strategies

Unit 1: Planning to Work

Unit 2: Matching Skills & Jobs

Unit 3: Applying for Jobs

Unit 4: Resumes, Tests, and Choices

Unit 5: Interviewing

Unit 6: Ready for Work

Unit 7: Workplace Safety

Unit 8: Learning at Work

Communicating at Work

Unit 9: The Language of Work

Unit 10: Communicating with Co-Workers and Supervisors

Unit 11: Working Together

Unit 12: Communicating with Customers

Unit 13: A Process for Writing

Unit 14: Supplying Information: Directions, Forms, and Charts

Unit 15: Writing Memos and Letters

Reading at Work

Unit 16: Reading for a Purpose

Unit 17: Finding What You Need: Forms and Charts

Unit 18: Following Directions

Unit 19: Reading Reports and Manuals

Math at Work

Unit 20: Number Sense

Unit 21: Solving Problems

Unit 22: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Unit 23: Measurements and Formulas

Unit 24: Trends and Predictions: Graphs and Data
Work Ethics Lessons
This site has a number of short, interactive, on-line student lessons. These lessons provide students with additional career information, links, and activities.  Use the Soft Skills Employers Seek Guide while you do the online lessons for Soft Skills Employers Seek.


The on-line instructional resources provided here are designed for use in schools or training programs where people are being encouraged to appreciate the importance of work ethic, further develop their own work habits and attitudes, and improve employability skills.