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Hello ! Welcome to Service Learning!

For further inquiries, please e-mail Ms. Johnson at sjohnson@fremont.k12.ca.us

Updated Service Learning Hours can now be seen on School Loop in the "News" section. 
Service Learning is a great opportunity for students to do the following:
  • Learn new skills
  • Reinforce material and skills learned in class
  • Meet new people
  • Explore possible career opportunitis
  • Feel good about themselves and the community
The following are the requirements that a service activity must fulfill in order to count towards the Service Learning graduation requirement:


  1. Only non-profit organizations qualify.
  2. Student-created organizations must have a state-issued non-profit identification number and must be able to show documentation for hours served.
  3. No religious work or work that promotes religious organizations.
  4. Volunteering for school sponsored events in which you are not enrolled in are valid only if hours can be confirmed by a staff member that you served these hours and are not part of the production, team, etc.
  5. In cases of senior home outreach volunteering, direct interaction with senior citizens will count.
  6. International service will only be accepted if it can be validated by an American-based organization.
  7. Parents may sign off on a form only if they are officers of the non-profit organization.
  8. Adults must sign off on all forms.
  9. Club hours must be signed off by the club advisor or supervising adult.
  10. Fundraising for an event to support club activities or athletic teams does not count for hours.
  11. Hours served for court mandates are not eligible for high school service hours.
  12. Any hours served for I-Care (Adult school elective) do not count toward the 40 hour requirement.
  13. Hours that may have been accepted in the past but do not adhere to the current guidelines will not be accepted.
  14. Students are required to keep a copy of all forms and hours submitted over their four years and are responsible for providing verification and documentation should the hours come into question.


  • These guidelines are consistent throughout FUSD's high schools and are effective November 1, 2009.
  • Service Learning project form must be completely filled out and turned into room 307.


Forms that do not meet the requirement, cannot be verified, or are not properly filled out will be returned to the student.

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Last Modified on November 29, 2012