ELD Green Sheet

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,


            I am looking forward to another exciting and challenging school year. I know that we can work together to make this year a success!  Remember this is your classroom too, and I expect that everyone will be active learners. To have a safe and comfortable learning environment we need to remember to cooperate and:


            *RESPECT teachers/staff, classmates, and classroom

            *HELP each other

            *be RESPONSIBLE, prepared, and organized for class

            *PARTICIPATE and ask questions

            *TRY your best

            *LEARN from your mistakes



            Students should arrive to class on time and be in their seats ready to learnwith notebooks, agenda, paper, pencils/pens, homework.  Students who choose to play during worktime will work during their lunchtime. Tardies result in lunchtime detentions.  Gum/food/drinks  in class result in trash duty at lunch!  Water is ok.  Phone calls home may be made for good and bad behavior.



            Upon request, grade reports can be printed and sent home at any time.


35%  tests/quizzes                     25% homework

25% classwork/projects             15% organization: agenda/notebook/journal, behavior





            There will be a little homework each night. Work not completed during class may be assigned for homework. Students should always be practicing reading in English! All work should be done neatly in pencil or blue/black ink. Homework will be collected at the beginning of the period. Points will be deducted for work one to two days late. Other late work is not accepted.

            Each student will have a weekly Reading Log to fill out (10 pts) with parent signature. Students need to do outside reading each day (read something not from class work) and write a summary.


            Students will be given a notebook and journal for ELD classes only. They are responsible for bringing these each day and keeping organized notes. Quizzes/tests will include information from notes. Using an agenda will keep students on track with homework and tests. Points can be earned for organized notes.


            Students are responsible for asking for all classwork, homework, and tests missed. Students will have the same amount of days that are missed to make up the work.

            Extra credit assignments may be offered throughout the year. Please ask the teacher about this.



Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you,



Ms. Yuen

ELD Teacher