First Quarter  Fiction- mystery, fantasy, science fiction, adventure, romance....
Second Quarter   Biograhpy/Auto Biography- the true story of a person's life.
Third Quarter  Non-Fiction- sports, history, science, animals, people, mythology, geography
Fourth Quarter   Classic Fiction- A fiction book that is at least 20 years old, and has been read by several generations of people.  Black Beauty, Little Women, Treasure Island, The Secret Garden, Gone with the Wind are examples. Books on the Newberry Award list, the Coretta Scott King list, the Printz Award list are acceptable.  Language Arts teachers and the library has the list.  Ask Ms Kent-Berge.
The student must read 1000 pages each quarter. Each book must be at least 50 pages long. Keep track of how many pages you read using the "Outside Reading" paper that you receive from your Language Arts teacher. Turn the papers in to your Language Arts teacher.
Last Modified on April 9, 2009