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Houghton-Mifflin Science Textbook K-5

On-line K-5 student science textbook.  If a student forgets his/her book at school they can still do their homework.  Please use the information below to register. You will need to use this information each time you go on-line.

Grade Level Text             User Name     Password

First Grade                        gr1fremont             Student

Second Grade                   gr2fremont             Student

Third Grade                      gr3fremont             Student

Fourth Grade                    gr4fremont             Student

Fifth Grade                       gr5fremont             Student


K-5 Houghton Mifflin California Science

Simulations, information, games for each grade and chapter


6th Grade Pearson-Prentice Hall

6th grade text has many specific webcode links to this site using the technology access codes found in the text. This does not require registration. Just enter the webcode in the boxes provided and you will find more information on the topic.


NSTA SciLinks

6th grade text has many specific links to this site using the technology access codes. Whenever you see "Go Online SciLinks" in a small red outlined box in the textbook it has information for accessing more information on-line.  Enter the access code from the text  once you are on the SciLinks site. (You need to register and to do so you need to get information from your 6th grade teacher.)