The Fremont Adult School Distance Learning Program was among 10 agencies that was awarded an
ALOE Grant for the 2012/13 school year. The DL program will receive the full amount of $20,000 to develop and integrate online hybrid ESL classes as well as update the DL program. We are grateful to OTAN for providing us with this opportunity to continue to develop our program!
The report summary will be available in Summer 2013. In the meantime, visit Sharon's wikispaces to view our progress!
See our Animoto Video!
Sharon's Shared Resources and Products:
- Summer 2012 DL Student Online Orientation Handbook
- Summer 2012 Flyer
- DL Program Overview
ALOE 2013/14 Extension announced 08/12/13
ALOE funding will be used to support our 3 blended courses, our Moodle courses, and 5 Chromebooks for our DL Mini Lab.