Distance Learning Books and Materials


The ESL Distance Learning Program offers a variety of books, DVDs, CDs,and online materials at all levels for the at-home learner. For Online course information, click here.



Beginner materials:                                                                High Beginner materials:

EASY 1-6   ($5 per booklet)                                                     EASY 7-12 ($5 per booklet)

Learning English1-5 ($5)                                                         Learning English 6-10, 11-15 ($5 per booklet)

Putting English to Work1 1-10 ($5 per booklet)              Putting English to Work1 11-20 ($5 per booklet)

Side By Side 1A($17)                                                                 Side by Side 1B ($17)


Intermediate/High Int. materials:                                    Advanced materials:

Learning English 16-20 ($5)

Side by Side 2A,2B ($17 ea)                                                     Putting English to Work 3 (5 booklets, $5 each)

Putting English to Work2 (5 booklets, $5 each)                Crossroads Café A & B ($19 ea)
                                                                                                          Contact USA ($20 dep,. book and audio)

Online Courses - click for more info

Please visit us during office hours to have a teacher help you select the right materials for you!