Useful Websites

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VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES (A-Z vocabulary words with sound, pictures and definitions)
IDIOMS (alphabetical listing of the most popular idioms in English)
Review these basic verb tenses.  Some may be familiar and some may be new to you!
There are 50 sentences.  Take the test.  Write down your score.
Online Grammar (330)
100 questions to test your basic grammar and vocabulary knowledge!

Put the scrambled words into the correct  word order to make a good sentence. (39 sentences) 

Please note:  some of the words and phrases and spelling may use British English!
Click here to get additional practice on gerunds and infinities.  PRINT the
pages (5) and then circle the best answer
Please print and practice these 2 pages.
answer key to check your work.
Try this Present Perfect quiz to see if you are learning the difference between
Present Perfect, Present, and Past tenses.  You only get 2 chances to try the test.
Good luck!
Click here to access grammar, reading, writing, and punctuation activities at
5 ESL levels.
Click here to study basic computer vocabulary
Click here for a fun tutorial on how to use a computer (British English with subtitles).
Click here for a lesson on keyboard tips