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 American High students are eager to help their community, and earn the service hours needed to graduate.  We are always looking for new ways to meet our goals.
In order for us to help you, your organization must meet the following:
*Be a non-profit organization
*Serve the community in a secular fashion
*Be willing to train and supervise all volunteers at all times
*Be willing to write letters for students who have earned over 10 hours with your organization.
When contacting Ms. Johnson, please provide the following information:
*The name and purpose of the organization
*The location of the organization and where the volunteers will be needed
*The length of service- will it be ongoing, or a one-day event?
*How many volunteers are needed?
*What kind of volunteer are you looking for?
*If you also e-mail a flier, it will be posted online and on the two service learning bulletin boards located on campus.
Generally, students need at least two weeks' notice to sign up for events.    
Last Modified on September 22, 2011