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    U.S. Citizenship Test Can you pass the test to become a citizen of the U.S.A.? History.com has a short version and a long version of the actual U.S. Citizenship exam for your testing pleasure.
    General Information
    Free.ed.gov All information about the U.S. government. You can also find U.S. History information here (as well as help for other school subjects).
    Ben’s Guide simplified information about the U.S. Government for high school students. Find general info on the U.S. Government as well as how a law is made, cititzenship, national vs state government, and the election process.
    CIA World Factbook The CIA isn’t always secretive! Here they share all the information they know about the U.S. and other countries. Well, it’s probably not all the information they know. This is a great first stop for researching other countries.
    GovSpot Many links to both international and domestic government information.
    NationMaster Compilation of facts and statistics from government organizations such as the CIA and the United Nations. You can compare countries and/or look up statistics on all kinds of topics. Not only can you find data, but you can use the site to generate maps and graphs of statistics.
    Election Information
    Ben's Guide to Elections provides a quick and easy explanation of the U.S. election process.
    National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) Electoral College page tells you all about the electoral college: what it is, how it works, and what happened in past elections. Their Frequently Asked Questions page is a great resource for quick answers.
    Official State of California Elections and Voter information site has lots of California specific info on both National and state elections: procedures, past results, party information, electoral college in CA, initiatives & referendums, etc...
    Project Vote Smart is a nonpartisan organization that works to provide unbiased information on candidates in current elections. Don't know who you want to support in the upcoming election? Try out their Vote Easy program which will match you with candidates who most agree with your views on key issues. Project Vote Smart has information on candidates such as biographies, voting records, public statements, positions on key issues, campaign finance info, and interest group ratings, as well as links to official websites and contact information for candidates. They are constantly adding information so check back to see what else they might have dug up on candidates.
    Rock the Vote works to register as many people to vote as possible with the help of various music artists. They also track elections and provide a forum on which people can ask questions about elections (just be aware that the person who answers your question might have a personal agenda). This site is nonpartisan, but its users are often not. Rock the Vote travels to various cities and often needs volunteers: still need service hours?
    Politifact.com is a Pulitzer Prize winning site that monitors political candidates' statements and actions and rates how honest, or dishonest, they are. Heard an outrageous comment or claim? You can look it up here to see if the candidate is being honest or if his or her pants are on fire. When a politician or other influential person makes a comment, Politifact refers it to several experts for their review. Politifact then posts their findings and gives the commentator a rating on their Truth-O'-Meter. Check the Obameter or the GOP Pledge-O-Meter to see how many promises have been kept or broken or how many are still in the works.
    ProCon.orgis a nonpartisan site that provides information on each side of controversial issues. The 2012 Election page provides each candidate's views on 40 key issues in the upcoming election.
    Ron Gunzburger's Politics1 has brief descriptions of all political parties registered in the U.S. Parties are categorized first by the most popular then alphabetically. To go to a party's official web page, click on the party's name. If a party's web page opens with a donation or petition signature request, scroll down to find a link saying something like "Continue to the Website." Politics1 is interesting to peruse. We all know about the Democratic and Republican parties plus some of the third parties, such as the Green Party and the Libertarian Party, but do you know about the American Nazi Party (don't forget we have freedom of speech in the U.S.) or the Prohibition Party? If you want to know just how many people are running for president (it's not only the few you see on TV), and who they are, check out the Presidential Candidate page.
    California and Local Government
    CA.gov This is the official state of California website. Here you can find information about CA government and agencies as well as general information, such as how to deal with a parking ticket or what financial aid and scholarships are available to CA residents.
    Around the Capitol is California's official news site that displays news that affects California's government, and thus CA residents. Site includes news articles from various, verified news sources. 
    UCSB Library CA Government Information page has many links to various government and agency websites for the state of California. You might find this easier to browse than the official state website.
    Alameda County’s official website has a wealth of information—pay for your traffic ticket online, check on jury duty, order a copy of your birth certificate to name a few things you can do here. You can also learn about the various agencies and programs Alameda County has for its residents (and there is a lot!). Need help finding housing or affordable daycare? Want to find out if a business is licensed correctly? Want to start a business? Need affordable healthcare? You can find all that info here.
    City of Fremont website has information specifically for Fremont residents (if you don’t find information about local agencies and/or programs here, try the Alameda County website above). Find out about what’s going on at Lake Elizabeth or the Library. Look into volunteer opportunities to help complete your Service Learning hours. Check out the Police Explorer program for teens or locate a lost pet at the animal shelter. Find out just how long that road construction on Stevenson is going to last and from where the funding for it came.
    Civil Rights
    ProCon.org This organization, which is similar to Opposing Viewpoints, provides arguments both for and against key controversial issues. It also provides background information and quotes on the issues. Also see Opposing Viewpoints in Alameda County Library’s databases.
    American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) This often controversial organization aims to protect and fight for the civil rights of everyone. This is a good starting point to research modern day civil rights issues.
    Getting Uncle Sam To Enforce Your Civil Rights This publication from the U.S. Commission On Civil Rights guides you through the process of notifying the government of a civil right violation. The contents page is on page 9 of this .pdf file.
    Primary Documents
    Primary Sources Pathfinder from Joyce Valenza
    Library of Congress: American Memory This link will take you to key documents in U.S. History, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. To see hundreds of key documents from U.S. History, click on the link Guide to American Historical Documents Online.
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