Walters Jr. High School
Arts Classes
Ms. Wilhelm, Art Instructor

Course Overview: These are hands-on one-semester elective classes.
Arts & Crafts: Yarn crafts, weaving, sculpture, mosaics, sand art, and recycled art are some of the projects we may be working on in this class.
Drawing & Painting: Poster paint, water color paint, colored pencils, chalk, oil pastel crayons, and charcoal are some of the mediums we may be working with in this class.
Homework:  There will be weekly homework assigned in both classes.  It will be started in class and finished at home, due the next school day.
Make-up work: It is the student’s responsibility to contact me for make-up work.
Grading:  Students will be graded on classwork, homework, warm-ups, and projects. Students’ grades will reflect on-time completion of projects, quality of work, following directions, positive participation, and classroom citizenship.
Integrity and Honesty: Students must demonstrate honesty and integrity at all times. Art class students will have access to other students’ artwork, supplies, tools, and equipment.  I must be able to trust every art student.  By signing this sheet, both student and parents accept the responsibility that comes from working in an art studio.
Classroom Rules:
Be on time.  On time means be in your seat when the bell rings.
Be prepared.
Be responsible
Be engaged.
All school rules are to be followed in class.
Materials:  Students are required to bring a pencil to class every day.  Throughout the semester students may be asked to bring in some basic materials from home.  Kleenexes are always #1 on the donation list for class.
Art Studio Donation: There is a $10 art studio donation fee requested for this class.

Please contact me at 656-7211 Ext. 28031 if you have any questions or concerns.  I will return your phone call as soon as I can.
I have read the information on this sheet with my parent/guardian and we both understand the responsibilities and requirements of an art studio class.

Print student’s name ____________________  Student’s signature _______________________

Print parent’s name _____________________  Parent’s signature ________________________

Donation: Yes _____  No ______             Class Period ___________