If you need food today in Alameda County and don’t know where to turn, call:
(800) 870-3663 or (510) 635-3663
or visit
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Alameda County Only)

The Emergency Food Helpline, the Food Bank's countywide referral program, connects people in need with a bag of groceries or a hot meal in their neighborhood. The Emergency Food Helpline staff and volunteers make more than 3,000 referrals monthly and can assist callers in a wide array of languages.

In addition to referrals to emergency food programs, callers receive information about other programs, such as Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Food Stamps.

Besides the Emergency Food Helpline, the Food Bank operates a Free Summer Lunch Hotline during the summer months for referrals to sites that serve a free summer lunch to children and teens ages 18 and under, and a Holiday Hotline in November and December for referrals to holiday food programs.

USDA Plate The Food Pyramid has been replaced with the new Food Plate- a simple reminder for healthy eating.


Practice for Task 3 (IL-ADV): 
Writing a  Letter Using an Online Letter Generator 
Students can practice typing their letters online.  Students can even print their practice letters! 
To go to the Letter Generator, click on the link above.   After entering your name, click on Continue, and then choose Business Letter.  This link is just for practice. The actual Task 3 Letter template is in the teachers' binders.
We Are New York: Practice English (IL-ADV)
Rosa is about to open a Dominican café. But when her lab tests come back and the doctor tells her the bad news, her dreams are over. Or are they? A heart-warming drama about family, friendship, and coming to terms with diabetes.
Featured Video:  New Life Cafe (Scroll down to "New Life Cafe" and click on "Watch the Full Episode" after the page loads.)
For iPads, please use this link for Part 1 of the New Life Cafe video.
For iPads, please use this link for Part 2 of the New Life Cafe video.
For iPads, please use this link for Part 3 of the New Life Cafe video.
Nutrition PowerPoints  (For some of the PowerPoints, after clicking on "Open," you will need to click on "Read Only.")

From SNAP (Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program)
Nutrition Education:  These guidebooks tell you about MyPyramid.  They show you how to plan, shop, and prepare meals for your family.  These guidebooks are for real families that are busy.  The information in these guidebooks is for people over 2 years of age.
Federal agencies and organizations that get money from the federal government have to take reasonable steps to help people who have trouble with English. Sometimes, when a government agency or an organization does not help you because you are limited English proficient, they violate the law. This is called National Origin Discrimination.
Reading Food Labels and Nutrition
LaRue Medical Literacy
From Time/CNN
From Garden Grove  BL-BH

From Garden Grove IL

From Garden Grove IH-ADV
Lesson 4  Healthy Choices IH-ADV
Lesson 5 Making Better Choices IH-ADV
From MiraCosta (Lots of good activities- especially the letter writing.  Disregard their assessments and scoring guides. You can use their assessments for practice.)
Eating Well, Living Well  From San Diego
Nutrition Journals
Staying Healthy Student Workbook
From Breaking News English
From OTAN IL and Higher
From NYC Department of Education and the Mayor's Office
Nutrition Websites