From Fremont Adult School
To watch the following PowerPoints, click on one of the links, then click on "Read Only" and then click on "Open."  Hit "F5" on the keyboard to play the PowerPoints.  The first three PowerPoints are also located in the "EL Civics Only/DMV" folder on the "T" Drive for quicker downloading. 
Stopped by the Police PowerPoint (Please remind your students that the penalty fees listed in this PowerPoint most likely have increased since this PowerPoint was created.)
Podcasts and Scripts
After clicking on one of the podcast links, click on "Listen" to hear the podcast.  You can also read the script while listening to the podcast.
Traffic and Road Signs Tests:  Some of the signs used in these tests may not be from in California, but the tests are still a good review for Task 1.
Traffic Signs Quiz 2 (Go to the bottom of the page, and under "More Lessons," click on "Road Signs.")

Traffic Court and Traffic School Information
From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
From the Monterey Park Library
From NOCCCD ESL Department
From North Carolina Curriculum Guide
From California Department of Motor Vehicles
California Department of Motor Vehicles 2011 Driver Handbooks (These files are big, so they take a while to download. Please be patient.)
You Tube California DMV (This link may not be accessible from school computers with the student "esl" log in; students may need to view this site from home.)
Walk Safe Videos: Keeping Pedestrians Safe in the "Danger Zone"
Drive Safe! : Keeping Pedestrians Safe When You're Behind the Wheel (IL-ADV) These short videos may be advanced for IL students, but the visuals are still worth a look.
More Car and Driver Websites
DMV Lesson
Driver Education (On the left, under Student Center, use the drop-down menu to choose a unit.)
Red Light Runners (Story, Listening, Activities)
Driving Skills Academy from Ford (IH-ADV Students)
Tip #1 Look Ahead
Tip #2 Slow Down
Tip #3 Seating
Tip #4 Skid Recovery
Tip #5 Tire Pressure
Tip #6 Two Wheels Off the Pavement
Tip #7 Driver Distraction
Tip #8 Look Where You Want To Go
Tip #9 Vehicle Dynamics
Tip #10 Don't Give Up