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Serena Suranyi

Welcome to
Mrs. Suranyi's Page
Kindergarten room 34

Email Address:
Phone number:
510-793-8660 ext. 56034
Best time to call:
2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and attended the University of Illinois Urbana -Champaign. When I came to the Bay Area I worked in a couple of other industries before getting my credential at San Jose State University.
   This is my eighth year at Warwick. I taught Science my first year, then First Grade for four years before deciding to take a year off to take care of my son we worked so hard to have.
   During my year off Fremont increased the class size for K-3 and my First Grade position was no longer available. Upon my return, I was placed as a Sixth Grade teacher. Though I enjoyed teaching students I had taught back in my First Grade years, I missed the joy in learning the younger students have in the Primary grades.
So this year I am so happy to be teaching Kindergarten and look forward to putting in place the building blocks for your child's learning for the years to come!
  **Classroom News**
Tomorrow, May 28th will be our
Kindergarten Lunch Practice.
Students will practice buying and
carrying a school lunch by themselves.
Early Birds do not need to
bring a snack and
Late Birds should eat a
very light breakfast. 
Not all students have turned in their money for our 
practice lunch in the Multi-purpose room.
Please turn it in as soon as possible
the date is coming up next week. 
Permission slips for our end of the year 
fieldtrip to North Gate Park went home today.
Please fill it out and return it as soon as possible.
Be sure to complete both sides including whether 
or not you can be a chaperone
 Third Trimester Interim Progress Reports
went out to the rest of the class today ( 5/14/2014).
I apologize for the lateness as
I have been sick the last two weeks.
Please help your child
return their Library books 
on Fridays, so they will be able to
              take out new books every Monday. 
I am very slowly starting the
Accelerate Reader program with the
                        Late Birds
                           and then will progress
to any Early Birds who are ready.
Students starting AR will
                   take one AR book out from the                         Library
and then one book of their choice.
They are to read the AR book at least
3 times before Friday.
On Friday they are to bring
their AR book with to Computer Lab
and take a short comprehension quiz. 
I still have not received a few
progress reports back.
 Please sign and return
to verify you have read it.
Check the box to receive a copy.

 Please make sure your child is dressed 
properly for the cold or rainy weather.
We do not want students to get sick
and miss school days.
Please have your child
practice opening and closing
their own umbrella by themselves
as there will be times we will need to
 be able to move around
in inclement weather.
 In the event of light rain, line up will be
under the MUR overhang as usual.
If there is heavy rain, go directly to the classroom
for student drop off and pick up.
Most students have learned
the first part of their passwords
and can work on
ST Math at home.
More symbols will be added  
after they reach the first level of games.
Log onto www.stmath.com
(Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari are recommended)
click on JiJi the penguin and begin.
The first time logging in
will need the following
homework activation code:
If you would still like to subscribe
to my remind101 list 
send a text to 510-972-1703
with the message "@mrssuran". 
If you would like to receive messages
via email send an email to
Remember, this is a one way
messaging system
from the teacher to you.
If you would like to send
me a message please email me
through my district email.