Welcome to Mrs. Suranyi's Page

PM Kindergarten room K2 
Phone number: 510-793-8660 ( Warwick Office until further notice) 
Best time to call: 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and attended the University of Illinois Urbana -Champaign. When I came to the Bay Area I worked in a couple of other industries before getting my credential at San Jose State University.    This is my ninth year at Warwick. I taught Science my first year, then First Grade for four years before deciding to take a year off to take care of my son we worked so hard to have.  
During my year off Fremont increased the class size for K-3 and my First Grade position was no longer available. Upon my return, I was placed as a Sixth Grade teacher. Though I enjoyed teaching students I had taught back in my First Grade years, I missed the joy in learning the younger students have in the Primary grades. This is the second year I am teaching Kindergarten and I look forward to putting in place the building blocks of your child's learning for years to come!
This week is: pink and cone week  Be sure to sign up for a Parent/Teacher conference. 
Go to www.signupgenius.com Search for me by my email address and select a time. If you need help I can sign you up for one after school sometime.  
You child can now do ST Math at home. Enter stmath.com in your web browser Click on Jiji ,the penguin Log in (for the first time only) with : WAR7AN-HQD-NM-QVW  Click "I agree." Click "Allow local data storage" Then your child may enter their password. ST Math is only available on laptop or desktop computers. Unfortunately, there is no "touch" access. Please be patient, most students know their passwords but a few are still working on learning theirs and need to practice more at school.  
The top fundraiser of the entire Warwick Walk is in our class! Thank you so much, Channing Numazuand family for your hard work in supporting Warwick!  
Unfinished work is being sent home from Learning Centers during small group instruction time.Please help your child finish the sheets to practice skills;there is no need to return the papers to me. 
The class schedule is 11:30 - 2:50 Mon, Tues.,Thurs., Fri. 10:10 - 1:30 every Wednesday ( Kindergarten does not have  minimum days and therefore does not  follow the rest of Warwick's early release day schedule.) 
The parking lot is for staff only. Please park on the street  and walk your child to and from the classroom. Please have your child eat a good meal and use the restroom before coming to school. We want our day to  start out as smoothly as possible.
If you would like to subscribe to my Remind list  There are three ways to do so: download the free app and enter the class code @mrssuran,  send a text to 510-972-1703 with the message "@mrssuran", or send an email to  www.remind.com/join/mrssuran  Remember, this is a one way messaging system from the teacher to you. If you would like to communicate with me please email me through my district email address. ssuranyi@fremont.k12.ca.us 
Thank You