Welcome to Rebecca Olson's Page Resource Classroom - room 15

    Email Address: olsonb@comcast.net
    Phone number: 793-8660 ext. 56015
    Best time to call: before 8:30 or after 3:00
    Welcome to the 2016/17 school year at Warwick!  I am excited to be teaching resource again this school year and I look forward to working with my students and their families. 
    A brief introduction to my background:
    Cal State East Bay
              * 2014  --Administrative Credential
              * 2015  --Masters in Educational Leadership
    San Jose State
              * 2008  --Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Credential
    Cal. State East Bay
              * 1993  --5 year clear English credential 
    Graduate of University of Nebraska - Lincoln
              * Secondary English-Language Arts Credential
              * 1988  --Bachelor of Arts
    Resource Specialist at Warwick -- currently teaching my 6th year of resource
    4-6th grade SDC teacher at Warwick -- 4 years
    Home/ Hospital Instructor for Fremont Unified  -- 10+ years
    6th - 8th grade English/Bible Literature teacher  --  3 years
    I love reading and collecting antique books, especially primers and other children's books.  Gardening is one of my very favorite hobbies and I am always starting and nurturing plants in my yard as well as trying out a "new" group of heirloom seeds every year.

    Suggested Websites for home practice