Welcome to Noemi Loleng's Page

    Email Address: nloleng@fremont.k12.ca.us
    Phone number: (510)793-8660 ext. 56039
    Best time to call:after 3:00
    I have been teaching for twenty years and have taught everything from kindergarten through third grade.  I have a degree in Elementary Education from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I have a minor in Spanish and received my BCLAD from National University in San Jose. 
    I speak Spanish fluently because it is my first language.  I am originally from the island of Puerto Rico.  I am married and have two children; a boy and a girl.  Family life keeps us pretty busy but in our spare time we like to read books together, go to Great America, and visit Monterey.
    Third grade is a wonderful year of much growth and learning.  Your child is headed for an extraordinary adventure academically and socially.  It' going to be a great year!